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Hi, I’m Kim! This site provides a little insight to my journey of being diagnosised with Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis on October 26th 2004. I review books and documentaries, post MS-related news, and share my photos.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
You know you have MS when...
Okay, I know I'm not the only one here. My feet get seriously cold sometimes. And stay cold for as long as they want. I can wear warm cushy socks and do everything possible to warm up but they decide when and how. My legs don't even have to be actively tingly or numb for this to happen. It's just me.

Last night I thought I would have a nice soak in a bath and that would regulate my body temperature nicely. I checked the temperature with my hands and arm before putting a frozen foot in and it seemed a nice temperature. I put my foot in and I got this massive shock feeling over and over and I had to get out! It was like I was plugged into an electrical socket and I couldn't stop the sensation from carrying on. I got out of the tub, but that didn't help. Weird messages I guess travelling to my feet cause that. Too many speed bumps on my nerve path? Who knows. What I do know is normal people don't get that reaction!

So, I ran cold water for a long time and made the bath luke warm and got back in. Not so nice and relaxing as I would have liked, but the more luke warm water seemed to do the trick for my feet. For the moment. I got out of the tub and went to bed but then promptly overheated. I removed all my blankets and spent another hour and a half cooling down. I fell asleep and at 3am I woke up cold. I yanked back my covers to warm up again but couldn't get back to sleep or regulate my body temperature for another 3 hours. Then my alarm went off. 5 hours of sleep. Sigh... this is going to be a long day.