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Hi, I’m Kim! This site provides a little insight to my journey of being diagnosised with Remitting Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis on October 26th 2004. I review books and documentaries, post MS-related news, and share my photos.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005
April 2005 Archive

2005-04-05 16:33:00

Wow. Doesn't the time fly? Last week was one crazy one. It was month end and quarter end at work and I ended up having to work a 13 hour day! Can you say tired? Ugh. It was pretty bad. I spent most of the weekend just lounging around watching movies. I was not happy about doing that long a day and then losing my whole weekend to it too. Begs to question the fit of this job post an MS diagnosis doesn't it?

Anyways, goo things to come. The MS weekend is next Sunday! I'm lookng forwad to it. And we have the whole season 3 of 24 on DVD to watch this week... so I'm sure we'll be kept busy ;)

2005-04-07 21:35:00

Ugh! What is this world coming too? Grover doesn't sing about cookies anymore? HUH? This is just not right!!!! What are my future kids going to do? If they can't sing along to "C is for cookie... good enough for me..." what will they sing? Tsk, tsk... its a bad day on Sesame Street!

MS walk
2005-04-11 21:44:00

I did the MS walk yesterday! I raised 985.00! It was a good time. Nice path to walk and I did 2.7km's... so not the 5km, but a good amount anyways. It was kinda neat. The walk was around a park that I used to live across from as a child. We even walked right past the house I grew up in. So my dad and I did some remisnicing along the way. Thats the tree we buildt a tree fort in, those are the cedar trees we planted in 1985... that was where I learned to smoke at the age of 15... hahahha. I'm sure he was thrilled to hear that :) So, happy monday all.

2005-04-16 17:48:00


The morning started out with getting a spa gift certificate for a steam shower and massage! And a new pedometer so I can know how far I walk. Tonight we have family coming over to take over my kitchen and cook a fabulous meal! Nice way to spend my birthday, thats for sure!

2005-04-17 21:51:00

Gotta love having divorced and remarried parents... my second birthday dinner is coming up in a couple hours! LOL. Fun times this weekend.

I just got back from paint shopping. We have been living amongst drywall dust for 2 months now and its all starting to wrap up. So, we have a full basement and office for Tod downstairs! Yay! In the mean time, it meant some changes to our master bedroom. Which in turn of course means I get to paint it a new colour! The people who sold us our house were renovators trying to make some money... for some unknown reason they decided to do faux walls in a few places. And by faux walls, I really mean the ugliest shades of weird browns and yellows all mixed together in some sort of bizarre technique that I have never seen in a book or at a paint store. UGLY is really the only word to describe it. So, we need to prime that wall (of course the biggest one in the bedroom) before I can actually start to paint a nice shade of mossy green. The colour chip was called Distant Forest... ahhhh... so much nicer than what is there now! I already covered up the other faux wall in the master bathroom... I have some pics here so you can actually see the ugliness. :)

2005-04-20 22:51:00

I just can't stand the wait. In two days my closest girlfriend is flying in to town and we are going on a road trip! This is our destination! Yup, a beautiful two bedroom suite with a jacuzzi on the deck overlooking the ocean! The days are flying by way too slow. I have Friday and Monday booked off work which will be such a nice break. Its been busy at work and it'll be nice to just drop it and go. There is just nothing better in my books then hopping in my car and taking off on a road trip! I love it.

2005-04-21 15:49:00

Ohhh... something I can look forward to! Ha ha ha.

2005-04-25 16:52:00

Ahhh... home sweet home. I've posted some pics from my trip to Tofino and Ucluelet here. I'm most found of the one called "Long Beach". The trip was good although I'm sitting with a bit of a head cold today. Grr.. so much for one last peaceful day at home doing fun things. I'll update later on the trip details. :)

The Carnation: Symbol for a Cure
2005-04-30 04:16:00

Is anyone else seeing all the commercials lately about the MS campaign with selling Carnations for Mothers day through the MS Society of Canada? May 5th to the 7th in BC. I've sent off for some info to be a volunteer.